Valentine – A Sonnet

To my love…

My Darling Husband, kind and loving man,
Though tested by my melancholy state,
You’ve wrapped your arms around my crying frame,
And lovingly have bourne much of this weight.

These storms have lately shak’n us both with grief,
Attacking peace and robbing us of quiet,
Challenging Love, our patience and belief,
As darkness loomed, obscuring, briefly, light.

And still you love me, sure of brighter days,
Creative bursts and energy restored.
You watch for smiles, where vision lights my face,
Sense resolution for the broken chord.

My grattitude, O darling, gift of mine,
Is offered here, beloved Valentine.


Sonnet for Sally 

(A gift for my lovely friend.)

Sweet Lady, thou must realize thy worth,
That filled with kindness, patience and reserve,
Thou dost eschew the hated burden pride,
And pour out love, which soft’s the strainéd nerve.

Your gentle wit, and sense of humour found
In trifles, and absurdities displayed
By those whose egos yet to taméd be,
Are dignified, and lovingly portrayed.

Though confidence and wisdom growing yet
Have room enough to stretch out longer legs,
Thy openness, humility of heart,
Shall see them flourish where desire begs.

For unseen strength in gentleness resides,
So challenging the heart where grace abides.