Dignity Recovered

Dignity is precious.
Not only for the ‘special few’, who
Can afford to hide behind titles
Or prizes, the dignitaries and VIPs
Most visible on TV’s and cinema screens,
Reasonably lamenting their lack of privacy –
But for all of us,
Big or small of heart or stature.

This dignity is inherent,
Neither borrowed or lent,
But given to us by our maker,
Creator of all,
Definitely not small,
Though personal –
He calls us “Daughters”,
Calls us “Sons”,
And won our freedom for us
At terrible cost,
And the cross – a most undignified death,
Where breath was surrendered,
Battle ended,
Our wounds mended –
Where heaven kissed earth,
New life was birthed
And we are offered Hope,
As we recover our identities.

For where hope reigns –
Where identity recovers,
There is dignity realised.


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