Things to lift your spirits – part 2.


Hot baths, mud-larking with my kids, the smell of a new book, a homemade card, a tidy re-shuffled room, clear days, a glass of red wine, hearing you tell me you love me, receiving a hand-written letter, that moment when understanding clicks.


Playing board games with friends, roast dinner, early nights, seeing a friend’s first baby ultrasound picture, trips to a favourite art gallery, comfy slippers, a piece of scripture that jumps out at you, re-uniting with an old friend, the news of a new opportunity, a feast of salami, blue cheese and olives, watching my son diligently play with his Tonka truck, hearing a God-whisper.


The blossoming of a new friendship, a foot massage, seeing my daughter’s delight whilst splashing in muddy puddles, the smell of Spring in the air, a homemade, FAIRTRADE chocolate cake.
image When you have a breakthrough moment, birthday balloons, a clean new page in your journal, my daughter telling me that my eyes are muddy puddles, the smell of baking spices, knowing that I cannot ever earn but nonetheless receive God’s love for me.


Live theatre, the sound of your key in the lock, a new hoody, a pertinent word spoken in love, making a discovery, walking my daughter up the wall- Spiderman style, fresh air, a long walk, a hot cup of tea, seeing my son play with and process physics in the bathtub, your kisses, being floored by the depth of a children’s bible.


Above all- knowing you. Knowing you will never leave or forsake me. Knowing that you are always near at hand.


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