Things to lift your spirits- part 1


Falling leaves. Beautiful glassware. The night sky. A warm, freshly bathed baby. Crisp, frosty mornings. Kisses from my husband. The smell of wood smoke. Books. Freshly made bread. Bright, rich colours. Christmas Eve.

Excited children. Snow. A weekend off. Weddings. A hot cup of tea. Tree climbing. Birthday cake. Puddles. An honest answer. Pretending to be lions in the living room. Painting. Buttered toast. Seeing the first robin of the year.


Knowing God loves me. Pretty painted fingernails. Cooked breakfasts. A warm husband at night to lie next to. Prayers with I and G at bedtime. Liquorice.Family conversations round the dinner table. When my son first tries to crawl. Dawn and dusk. Parties with friends.

But –
Seeing your eyes light up with a new sense of hope. Expanding Vision. Dreaming with God. Growing in maturity. Finding out He is faithful- again.
– This is very uplifting.



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